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Bringing the Right Elements Together for Our Clients’ Success


With more than 40 years of combined proven success in the industry, Roger Bañuelos and Nelson Martinez pride themselves in their ability to thoroughly understand their clients’ needs. Through their leadership, Element helps clients successfully achieve their goals in a manner consistent with its core values of integrity, respect, and personal service.

20220817 - WUSD Headshot Session - Roger Banuelos - by Erica Corder - 3797.jpg
Roger Bañuelos, MAOM
20220817 - WUSD Headshot Session - Nelson Martinez - by Erica Corder - 4039.jpg
Nelson Martinez, CCM,
Executive Vice President
Minerva Bañuelos
Vice President, Business Services
Helen Nivar Martinez
Vice President, Human Resources
& Talent Acquisition
Adriana Arahuete_edited.jpg
Adriana Arahuete
Director of Client Services & Executive Administrator
Ruby Frankowski Bio Picture.jfif
Ruby Frankowski
Recruiting Manager
C Dunne 2022 Color 2.jpg
Chris Dunn
Project Director
Miguel Renteria, AIA,
Project Director
Mons Mendoza Bio Pic 3.jfif
Mons Mendoza
Project Director
Sally Lopez Bio 1.jpg
Sally Lopez
Director of Procurement and Contracts
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